What Lurks Below

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Seed ID: 1818864882606341562

Oh look, a nice lonely island with some pretty flowers. This looks like a perfect place to call home!

But wait.. there seems to be something lurking below ground, what could it possibly be?

This seed will spawn you on an island with a dungeon directly below it.

The dungeon is located at: XYZ: -4.4 44 -246

In 1.9 the dungeon chest contains:

  • Enchanted Book: Aqua Affinity
  • Gunpowder
  • String
  • Name Tag
  • Golden Apple
  • Beetroot Seeds

In 1.8 the dungeon chest contains:

  • Music Disk
  • Iron Ingot
  • Redstone
  • Name Tag
  • Saddle

There’s also an Ocean Monument close by at: XYZ: 104 55 -279

Tested in Minecraft 1.8, 1.9 (PC/Mac).

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