Photo Minecraft

Photo Minecraft

Photo Minecraft is the website that celebrates all the wondrous content people who play Minecraft produce every day. Whether they’re using video or photo, Minecraft players are always eager to show their awesome creations to the rest of the world – and Photo Minecraft allows them to do just that. This website serves as a hub you can use to access tons of visual content from your favorite game, and if you’re creative enough, the content you create might find its place on our pages as well.

History of Minecraft

From the very first day it came out, Minecraft was obviously everything but your regular video game. It wasn’t developed on a huge budget. In fact, it was created by one man, a Swedish game designer Markus Persson, known Notch or xNotch. Persson released the initial version of Minecraft in 2009. That version of the game lacked some of the features such as the survival mode and is now dubbed the Classic version. With the sales of the alpha version of the game starting to pick up momentum, Persson founded a game development company, Mojang, and put the game into beta testing before releasing the full version of the game in 2011.

The next big milestone for Minecraft came in 2014 when it was announced that Microsoft will be buying Mojang, along with all the developer’s intellectual property, for $2.5 billion. Persson left the company after the acquisition, and Minecraft continued on its way to becoming the second best-selling game of all time, behind Tetris. The game also gathered a large community of people who like to modify it or share their creations on websites like Photo Minecraft.

Minecraft Modding

The words ‘mods’ and ‘modding’ are short for ‘modification’ and ‘modifying’. In Minecraft, mods are a way users can create new content for the game, change the way users interact with the game, or change the look and feel of the game. Mods are broadly divided into client-based mods, which modify the game itself, server-based mods, which modify the Minecraft server software, and mod packs, packages of several mods that are capable of working together. There are also resource packs for Minecraft, which give the game new audio and image files it can use instead of the default ones.

While creating mods requires advanced knowledge of the game and coding, installing mods is easy, and a lot of people do it. There are mods out there that give the game support for HD textures, that give the users the ability to create waypoints, that modify how users view and interact with their inventory, or adds cool new blocks with interesting functionalities. Many of the photos you can see on Photo Minecraft wouldn’t be as good as they are without modding.

Awesome Things People Do in Minecraft

Over time, the Minecraft gaming community became noted for utilizing the tools of the game to create some really impressive things. If you look around online, you’ll find that people have built replicas of King’s Landing from the Game of Thrones. People even created rudimentary, but still working, computers in-game which are able to do simple math.